Elgin Math and Science Academy

Sarah Said
Director of Language and Equity Programs

To address racial inequities in the Elgin community, it is important to cultivate our children of color to lead in their community one day. We need to educate ALL children on advocating for antiracist philosophies and giving everyone space to lead at an early age.  

This project, “Amplifying the Pieces of Us: Stand Up Stumps” is a public art project that will allow students in grades K-5 to understand what it means to advocate for what we teach in weekly lessons at our school as J.E.D.I- Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion. The project will help them help others understand messages of unity and understanding to combat racial inequities in our community.  

Our students are now ready to lead the community to unite in an understanding of racial equity. “Stand Up Stumps” will be part of our yearly culture and identity affirmation festival “Pieces of Me” (which will be a drive thru display) but will give things a different touch by bringing learning into the Elgin Community- not just as a teaching tool of diversity for our students but for the rest of the Greater Elgin Community as well. 

The “Stand Up Stumps” are recycled tree stumps that students in grades K-5 will repurpose as seating with a message of equity and diversity painted on them. We will also have students make kites that express a message of JEDI. Families will also create their own family voice boards to express their voices to help the community understand the need to support change. 

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