Cristina Colunga – Raices

My project Raices, roots in English, is a series of paintings that focuses on the migration story of my grandparents and my family from México to Elgin. I will also incorporate the stories of other Latino families that migrated to Elgin from Latin America and Puerto Rico.  

Through this project, I want to show the Elgin community what these families have done to come here, the suffering they endured and the many sacrifices they had to make. My hope for this project is that it will help others understand my people’s journey and hopefully lead them to be more empathetic to the migrant experience.  

My greatest hope for this project is that the younger generations of Latino youth that were born here know the sacrifice that their families made for them to live a better life. I also want the Elgin community to see the contributions that the Latino community brings to Elgin and bring awareness of the reasons why so many people choose to take the chance in a new country for the betterment of their family. This project addresses inequity in Elgin because the stories of Latino migrants are not widely shared with the community.

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