Atoy Spates – A Return to Whole

A Return to Whole is a holistic multidisciplinary project that seeks to provide healing modalities, resources, workshops, and services to members of the BIPOC community in Elgin.  

By introducing financially accessible programs that focus on uplifting traditional practices of healing, we address the lack of access to wellness programs that are financially accessible and culturally and spiritually diverse. These spaces often have prohibitive costs for BIPOC community members, which creates inequity in access.  

A Return to Whole seeks to uplift BIPOC in the roles of healers, facilitators and teachers in healing and wellness spaces. Our heartbeat is honoring, highlighting and creating a place for various healing modalities, creative healing arts and ancient wisdoms for and by BIPOC. This in turn will give the diverse Elgin community members a safe space to heal, recover and engage with ancestral, Indigenous and African knowledge and practices in a respectful and non-appropriative way, by decentering Euro-Western spirituality and capitalist frameworks that overshadow healing spaces in the west.  

Often this kind of healing and the pursuit of wholeness are mainly available to persons who are middle or upper-middle class. Such pursuits are seen as unattainable, especially to the BIPOC community that lacks access to resources to invest in their wholeness and healing. Holistic health (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional) should be a right all have access to regardless of personal wealth should they choose to go on the journey to wholeness. 

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