Andre Dyson - The Keys Open Doors

The Keys Open Doors Project addresses the learning gap of K-12 students who may not have had exposure/access to typing assignments via computers prior to the distribution of laptops for at-home schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With some experience as a father during this challenging time, I noticed my 3rd grade daughter had issues with sentence structure on typed assignments. However, she is above average when forming sentences and hand-writing her ideas. I then realized she had no prior experience typing sentences and paragraphs and was very slow in doing so. I then thought to myself, “why has no one addressed students learning home-row for the younger age groups in elementary school?” This is how the idea to start this project at the grassroot level, was put on the drawing board. I realized I should not put this responsibility on the shoulders of others, but to get the ball rolling myself, thankfully with the help of this great grant opportunity. 

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